Chic USB Charging Rotation Lamp

Chic USB Charging Rotation Lamp

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Bring the best in home decor and bedroom lighting together with the Chic USB Charging Rotation Lamp. These modern style lamps will give you convenient lighting and a small shelf to place your phone or table while using the built-in charging station. Choose from several styles and get matching sets for a big discount.

Clean Modern Design - You'll love the clean look and style that these high end wall lamps will bring to your room. Enjoy the clean, modern, minimalistic look to your room that you've always wanted. 

Rotating Lamp - The lamp head will adjust and hold to any position you desire without having to move from the comfort of where you prefer to rest in bed while reading, etc.

Sturdy Built-in Shelf - The built-in shelf will make charging your phone or tablet not only convenient, but also give you the choice to remove nightstands and other furniture that makes your room feel cluttered at times.

Choose Your Style - Select your style from both black,  and white along with a horizontal or vertical position and style