Extra LED Ring Light Tripod

Extra LED Ring Light Tripod

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Imagine having the perfect lighting, position and angle for your videos or pictures. Never before has the idea of starting a Youtube channel, growing an Instagram following or creating an online course been so popular - but what is it that separates one content creator from the next? The ability to produce high quality content with great lighting and camera angles. This is EXACTLY what you will find with our Kontent Kreator LED Ring Light Tripod.

ADJUSTABLE LIGHTING - Get the perfect contrast for your photos and videos that compliments you and your content. You’ll have several lighting styles and temperatures with flexibility in the illumination level, which is perfect if you’re filming content videos or taking a selfie photo of yourself, or with friends and family!

STRONG, ADJUSTABLE TRIPOD - We’ve designed this kit with durability and quality in mind, but also to give you the flexibility in the angle and position of the lighting, camera and angle. 

FITS ANY PHONE OR CAMERA - The adjustable holder & mount will allow any smart phone or camera to fit comfortably with zero risk of it slipping out suddenly, regardless of the angle you adjust to. 

BLUETOOTH REMOTE - With our bluetooth technology, you’ll be able to snap photos and start filming without having to fumble with pressing the record button manually, which saves countless hours in editing your final cuts!

Don't wait any longer - now is the time to invest in creating high quality content that will keep people watching from start to finish. The WORST thing you can do with your photos or videos is to display poor lighting and low image quality. The Kontent Kreator's LED Ring Light Tripod is the ONLY tool you need to start creating amazing content today!