💅Draw flawless patterns on the nails like a pro 💅 

It's hard to draw a flawless pattern at home and nail salons cost unfordable charge? Here's an economical solution for you! With our nail pattern sticker set, now you can draw a perfect pattern on the nails in a second.

The nail sticker set includes multiple patterns such as scales, lattice, chevron, heart, and flower patterns. Let's rock your nail this summer!

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Stick-n-go Design

Super easy to apply- Simply stick on the nails effortlessly without painting/ drawing! Gain flawless and professional nail patterns like a pro. 

Dedicate Patterns

The nail-sized sticker allows you to transfer patterns accurately. Draw dedicate patterns on the nails without blur or mess.

Multiple Pattern Designs

Have multiple popular patterns such as scales, lattice, chevron, heart, and flower patterns.  


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  • 1.) (Optional) Apply your favorite base coat before stamping.

  • 2.) Remove the blue protective film from the sticker plate.

  • 3.) Apply the nail polish to the pattern.

  • 4.) Peel the sticker gently, done!

  • 5.) (Optional) Apply a top coating for long-lasting results.

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